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Philosophical painting / Elena Yushina

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Philosophical painting / Elena Yushina

I really love this talented artist with her, I'm not afraid of this word, philosophical painting, so periodically I return to her work. Today I will show you new works and very beloved old ones.

 YUSHINA Elena (ElenaYushina)

This is not a picture, it's an odd thing, but I liked it very much.

House - night light «Winter»

Buy, someone, flowers ...

We part without difficulty

Duck places

And change the glass ...

Islands in the ocean

Autumn fireworks

Just yesterday's rain

Dusk. Cynical


Promised snow

 Till tomorrow?..

And the peo Yayoi Kusama art

ple in the temple were few

 Night walking in May

 When winter does not please the rest of the fallen snow ...

New Year's Eve

Country View

In the frame of the hospital window ...

The next day promised a snow ...

How good it is to go home ...
 Under this picture, someone D.Sukharev wrote stish.
Nothing outstanding, but still want to show it to you. How good, oh my God,
 With the old man to go home,
 Leaving the courtyard, where you are like a thief and reigns anger.
 The old man is closer to the fire,
 And the dog is closer to the old man,
 And we both sit and both are happy.


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

He was born on August 29, 1780 in Montauban in the south-west of France. He studied at the Toulouse Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, he moved to Paris, where in 1797 he became a student of Jacques-Louis David. In 1806-1820 he studied and worked in Rome, then moved to Florence, where he spent four more years. In 1824 he returned to Paris and opened a school of painting. In 1835, he returned to Rome as director of the French Academy. From 1841 until the end of his life he lives in Paris.
He died on January 14, 1867, was buried in the Paris cemetery of Pere Lachaise.

Princess Albert de Broglie

Princess Albert de Broglie (detail)

His magnificent portraits and sketches from nature make up a valuable part of the French artistic culture of the 19th century. One of the first Ingres was able to feel and convey not only the original look of many people of that time, but also the features of their characters - selfish calculation,
callousness, prozaism of personality among some, and kindness and spirituality in others. Embossed shape, impeccable figure, beauty of silhouettes determine the style of Ingres portraits. The accuracy of observation allows the artist to convey the manner and the specific gesture of each person. Engr did not consider the portrait genre worthy of this artist, although it was in the field of the portrait that he created his most significant works. With careful observation of nature and admiration for its perfect forms, the artist's luck is associated with the creation of a number of poetic female images.

Madame Paul Sigisbert Moitessier seated

Madame Paul Sigisbert Moitessier seated (detail)

Madame Paul Sigisbert Moitessier

Madame Riviere

Madame Riviere (detail)

Madame Jacques Louis Leblanc

Madame Jacques Louis Leblanc (detail)

Madame marie marcotte


Madame Henri Gonse

Martin Beaupré art for sale

Vicomtesse Othenin d-Haussonville

Baronne James de Rothschild

Comtess de Tournon

Madame de Senonnes

Madame Duvaucey
(Not a big sketch about writing this picture, you can read here)

Mademoiselle Jeanne Suzanne Catherine Gonin

Madame Frederic Reiset

Mrs Charles Badham

more work of this master, you can see here


Kiev from the height

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Kiev from the height

In Kiev, two airports, one of them, "Kiev" ("Zhulyany") - is located almost in the center of the city, allowing travelers to enjoy the picturesque panoramas of Kiev.

Let's start with Zhuliany airport:

Near Zhulyan is the Museum of Aviation of Ukraine:

A new terminal, a photo last year, now on the one hand there is one teleporter:

General plans of the right bank:

Stadium "Olympic":

TV tower and TV center on the right, in the people "Pencil":

Train Station:

Depot in front of the station behind Prospekt Pobedy:

From left to right: Railway station, station Protasov Yar, Protasov Yar itself, towers BC Gorizont, Baikovo cemetery:

View of the Dnieper and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra:

Museum complex "Mystetsky Arsenal" and Lavra:

Pechersk, m. Pecherskaya, Lesi Ukrainky Blvd.:

Bridges across the Dnieper. From top to bottom: the Moscow Bridge, Petrovsky Railway Bridge, the Podolsky Bridge crossing under construction and the Park Pedestrian Bridge from the right bank to Trukhanov Island. Also on the left are two small bridges: the Havana bridge and the Rybal bridge cable-stayed bridge (closed since 2009):

Darnitsk railway and Darnytsya railway and road bridges:

Bridge Metro, Paton Bridge, Darnytsky Bridges:

The lowest is the South Bridge:

CHPP-5 in Vydubychy:

"Clever" denouement at the entrance to the South Bridge

Cult place geocaches - Cemetery Tower Cranes

Cork on the Metropolitan Highway:

Aerodrome of the Antonov aircraft factory on Svyatoshino:

Suburb of Kiev - Vishnevy

"Kiev Venice" - Rusanovka:

Darnitsa, Forest in the background. The house in a large semicircle is the first letter in the word of the USSR, but the rest of the houses were not built:


CHP-6 for Troeschina:

Kharkiv Massif:

Incineration plant:

View to the Left Bank:

Autodrome "Seagull" and the route Kiev-Zhitomir:

Metro Poznyaki, yellow - supermarket "Billa":

Sevastopol area:

A source

Other cities from the heights:

Moscow Petersburg Ekaterinburg Rosemarie Armstrong art for sale

Astana New York London Paris Venice