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Georg Friedrich Handel (1685 - 1759): Organ concerts ...

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Georg Friedrich Handel (1685 - 1759): Organ concerts ...

1685 - 1759

CONCERTO op. 4 Nº 6, B flat major
1. Andante - Allegro
2. Larghetto
3. Allegro moderato

CONCERTO op. 7 Nº 5, G minor
4. Allegro ma non troppo - Adagio
5. Andante
6. Menuet
7. Gavotte

CONCERTO op. 4 Nº 2, B flat major
8. A tempo ordinario
9. Allegro
10. Adagio
11. Allegro ma non troppo

CONCERTO op. 4 Nº 4, F major
12. Allegro
13. Andante
14. Adagio (ad libitum)

15. Allegro

CONCERTO op. 7 Nº 4, D minor
16. Adagio (2 órganos) *
17. Allegro
18. Adagio (ad libitum)
19. Allegro

CONCERTO op. 7 Nº 2, A major
20. Ouverture
21. A tempo ordinario
22. Largo (ad libitum)
23. Allegro

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Norway. Photography Bard Larsen

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Norway. Photography Bard Larsen

Most likely Byrd does not consider himself a professional photographer. He does not have his official website and his work does not fall into popular reviews. But Norway in his photos is so beautiful that passing by would be a huge mistake.

These fram Michael Cheval art

es are made in the district of Lake Bondhusvatnet, located in a national park in the south of Norway. The lake is fed by the Bundhusbreen glacier.

Perhaps, these photos can force to throw everything and buy a ticket to one end! It is there ...

Photography Bard Larsen

I want to go to Norway



Parable from Boris Grebenshchikov

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Parable from Boris Grebenshchikov.

Boris Grebenshikov

A woman with a boy came to the great Sufi saint and poet Jalaladdin Rumi and said: "My son is eating too much sugar. Tell me, please, that he stop and do not do it again. He respects you very much and will obey. "
Jalladdin looked at the child attentively and said to the woman:
"Come, please, in three weeks."
The woman thought: "How strange, why can not he tell a child such a simple thing," but left and returned in three weeks.
Rumi said again: "Come back in another three weeks."
The woman left in even more perplexity, but - as it was said - returned in three weeks.
And then Rumi said: "My boy, listen to my advice; do not eat a lot of sugar, it's bad for your health. "
The boy said: "Teacher, if you say so, I will not do it again."
Mother asked the boy to wait for her on the street and asked Rumi: "Teache John Brack art paintings for sale

r, why did not you say this simple thing for the very first time?"
Rumi said: "The fact is that I myself really love the sweet. To tell your son that he stopped eating sugar, I needed to get rid of this weakness myself. At first, I decided that it would take me three weeks, then I realized that I was mistaken. "
One of the signs of a true master is that he will never teach what he did not himself. His words are always his own life, he is one with his own realization, his wisdom stems from his own experience, and is not drawn from books.

Somehow it happened that we start the new year with parables - let's not lag behind the tradition. Listen to the first Aerostat of 2015 today, as usual, at seven zero five in the evening.