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My Handmade Paintings

Maybe not busy smoothly in recent years , a while ago, thinking about the future after retirement often thing , maybe the retirement life for the future and intend to do some advance preparation to avoid future all day doing nothing , with family I think this should be a very terrible thing Copley John Singleton The Three Youngest Daughters of King , right ! Fortunately previously had some interest in culture , such as photography, painting , music, and arts and crafts weaving , etc. In addition there has been no interruption of the annual travel and write about travel weekly to share with you saw and heard , etc. I believe these are also busy enough .


Edith has been a dream in front a reply message has revealed , there is a hope in the future after retirement can be all kinds of flowers and a small courtyard ( now only in the balcony kind of point bonsai and flower ) , preferably in the yard still have a trees, if that picture in the yard like the above would be even better , according to the current price you want to find a yard of the house may be the suburbs or in the south is possible now ! In Taipei, we used to live  , move to the countryside really effective area or can adapt to it ? So this is the need to carefully consider , and it is a major decision in life , is still stuck in the dream it unilaterally , although a bit difficult to reach the target , but there are possible dream come true , is not it ?


Mr. Chen Huikun Taiwan painter , died last year , enjoy life 105 years old, he had readme said : " stick to their journey to explore the beauty of the right direction , can be devoted to art education and creativity , blissful , I do not know old age will Zhiyi ! " engaged in life and uninterrupted creative arts , teaching nearly five decades , to nurture talents Dahl Johan Christian Clausen paintings numerous , it is very admirable and learning painter. While the former things have been unable to participate and change, but I hope from now on , to learn the spirit of painter and " lifelong interest in painting as , stick to their journey , and then blissful ."


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