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And on the street - snow, like marshmallow ...!

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And on the street - snow, like marshmallow ...! ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

Artist Alexei AdamovVse we are enclosed in the cages of apartments:
TV, "Inet", telephones ...
And on the street - snow, like marshmallows,
On which crows roam.

And above the river is an orange ball
Lies sheepskin coats and fur coats.
And the ears are the vigorous broth
Burns his lips.

And creaks in the frost snow
Under the feet of casual passers-by.
And his first, happy step
Did the boy look like his mother ...

I will not go on air today
I'll turn off the phones for the day.
I want this fabulous world,
Where the crows are walking in the snow.
© Copyright: A.BlinovArtist Kangin O.Hudozhnik Baklanov VladimirHudozhnik Dmitry Levin Artists Dmitry Levin Artist Oleg Potas Artist Oleg Potas Artist Xenia Shafranovskaya Artist Mikhailov IgorHudozhnik Tarasenko Alexey Artist Robert Duncan Artist Walter Moras (1856-1925) Artist Walter Moras (1856-1925) Artist Alexander GorinHudozhnik V. MarkovHudozhnik Elena Andreevna GrinHudozhnik Shchilev Mikhail.Hudozhnik E.KarpovaHudozhnik E.KarpovaHudozhnik Tatyana YushmanovaHudozhnik Victor Zahanov TsyganovHudozhnik Karlovich EvgeniyHudozhnik Karlovich EvgeniyHudozhnik Sergey Viktorovich KovalchukKhudozhnik Elena Yushina Artist Jeff RowlandArtist Jeff RowlandHudozhnik Didyk OlgaHudozhnik Didyk OlgaHudozhnik Martyushev Yuri Vy Hughie Lee-Smith paintings

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