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Philosophical painting / Elena Yushina

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Philosophical painting / Elena Yushina

I really love this talented artist with her, I'm not afraid of this word, philosophical painting, so periodically I return to her work. Today I will show you new works and very beloved old ones.

 YUSHINA Elena (ElenaYushina)

This is not a picture, it's an odd thing, but I liked it very much.

House - night light «Winter»

Buy, someone, flowers ...

We part without difficulty

Duck places

And change the glass ...

Islands in the ocean

Autumn fireworks

Just yesterday's rain

Dusk. Cynical


Promised snow

 Till tomorrow?..

And the peo Yayoi Kusama art

ple in the temple were few

 Night walking in May

 When winter does not please the rest of the fallen snow ...

New Year's Eve

Country View

In the frame of the hospital window ...

The next day promised a snow ...

How good it is to go home ...
 Under this picture, someone D.Sukharev wrote stish.
Nothing outstanding, but still want to show it to you. How good, oh my God,
 With the old man to go home,
 Leaving the courtyard, where you are like a thief and reigns anger.
 The old man is closer to the fire,
 And the dog is closer to the old man,
 And we both sit and both are happy.

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