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Oleg Kalaytanov. Dancing two! About love!


In the crowd all froze ... Are ...
And do not tear your eyes off!
Dancing two! About love!
Dancing is like not saying!

Touching bodies and hands ...
And the eye! One moment
And you can dance like a story,
Read ... Penetration
Into consciousness, in thought, in depth ...
All secret desires,
Go subcutaneously! All sparks!
Answer? "On the subconscious!"





And what about? - Loses meaning ...
All the colors, faces are stains!
Only the heart knock. Movement. Rhythm.
A premonition of a flash! It's bright!
The awkwardness of the first "pas" left.
All in unison movement!
Merged in one, He and She ...
And the lightness of the bodies ... The glide ...

Everyone froze around ... Stand ...
And do not tear your eyes off!
Dancing two! About love!
Dancing is like not saying!

Tamara Stepanova







The author of the work is Oleg Kalaytanov.

Kalaytanov Oleg Nikolayevich Was born on January 6, 1969 in the city of Stavropol
In 1987 he entered the Stavropol Art College, which he graduated with a gold medal in 1991.
With all the variety of genres and themes that Oleg Kalaytanov develops in his works, they always see his unique author's style, which is expressed in close attention to the picturesque and textural features. He is one of the few painters who are fluent in both brush and palette knife.
However, the brightest facet of his mastery is the freedom and power of coloristic decisions, always fresh and unexpected.
Whatever he wrote: a mountain landscape or a bouquet of flowers, formal decorative things or full-scale etudes, it always attracts the possibility of creating a complex and multivalued color suite that does not leave the viewer indifferent.
Oleg Kalaytanov is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, participant of many regional exhibitions in Stavropol, but mostly in St. Petersburg.
Many works are in private galleries in Germany and France. As a hobby is engaged in the design of the spatial and structural environment, interiors.

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