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Harding Meyer: Bounty Hunter

Harding Meyer with honor represents a cohort of the most amazing artists of our time. His works are presented in prestigious galleries, they are shown by the famous museums of the world and they are very rarely kept in private collections - private collectors Meyer does not sell his paintings. He draws large-scale, literally huge portraits of people, and only in oil. They are so great that digital quality can only reflect in a very large expansion, but the innovation of his portraits is not at all in size.



This Brazilian artist chose his own, very unique way in art. He is a portraitist who is looking for his heroes among people widely disseminated by the mass media Michael Cheval art for sale
. Then he chooses the most popular among this pool - and it does not have to be a movie hero or public figure, the main thing is that his face flashed in the press a sufficient number of times, and draws his portrait.

Individual technique of writing a portrait: in fact, it is a set of square colored glare of different sizes. The artist draws certain lines, the choice of which is known only to him alone, and the viewer snatches them, but small details finish his consciousness - picking them up from those images that are already stored in the brain at this time Vladimir Kush art for sale. And the image pops up in the context of the events with which it is connected. Such interesting jokes can throw out our brains, and Harding Meyer (Harding Meyer) simply uses these abilities, thus revealing uncharted human capabilities. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a new, big way.




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