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BMW and Madonna. Directed by Guy Ritchi

In its galaxy of talent .....


Sometimes be strong - it does not do anything, and vice versa - to apply a force - it means showing weakness.
Force for me - this is the ultimate wisdom. Wisdom relevance.
In the world, perhaps the most important thing - to know their place. "

"My success is not confusing to me, because it came as the result, but did not fall from the sky."


"I do not sell or rent rent their sexuality. And nobody owns.
Even those who really divides or shared my bed.
By its very large in bed with Madonna'm just me.
I belong only to myself. "


"What I show people my body without clothes, does not mean that I exposed every inch of his soul."
Man can not be homo-, bi-, heterosexual. He or sexy, or - not.



by Saba at Las Brujas

"Everyone probably thinks that I nimfomanyachka that I have an insatiable
sexual appetite, but in truth, I'd rather read a book. "


"The world does not revolve around me and is not obliged to serve my interests. Simply no good and simply evil.
If you look back and analyze your life, you know: to change, to learn, to grow, to become wiser, more receptive, more helps us exactly what we perceive as bad.
So is there evil at all? "


"My law: no one bothered. Did not condemn anyone. Do not blame others for your troubles ...
Do not pretend, do not make excuses, do not ask, do not rely on others ...
trust those who feel, that is your own intuition. "


"50 years - a good time to look at things from a material point of view, but ... with the realistic.
And realistically acknowledge that there is a love without condition, without the benefit is helpful, there is devotion without selfishness.
This is my realism. "


To say that Madonna - the singer, is to say nothing. Songwriter, a professional dancer, actress, producer, director, screenwriter, charity, writer ... who can boast such
entries in the book work?

Only one woman in the world.
Birthday: August 16, 1958
Place of Birth: Bay City, Michigan, United States
Nationality: United States
Original name: Louise Veronica Ciccone


by Fabian Perez Paintings