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And you could hear a pin flies ...

q1.jpgIn France, hosted an international technical conference, which was attended by engineers from many countries, including French and American.q2.jpg
During one of the breaks one of the French engineers came back into the courtroom, he said:
- Did you hear what Bush threw the focus? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. Is he going to bomb them? .41UUSkc0UqL._SX300_ (300x174, 11Kb)
Engineer who was there the company "Boeing" got up and calmly explained:
- Our carriers are on board for the three hospitals, which can be treated with several hundred people; their nuclear power plants can supply electricity to various onshore facilities; in three cafeterias can get food three times a day to 3,000 people; their
desalination plants can be produced from sea water several thousand gallons of fresh water every day; on aircraft carriers are half a dozen helicopters, which can be used to transport the sick and wounded. We have eleven such
ships, and how much is from France?

And you could hear a pin flies ...

A Fleet Admiral of the United States attended the Naval Conference, which, in addition to the admirals of the fleet of the United States, was also attended by the admirals of the fleets of Britain, Canada, Australia and France.
During arranged for the participants of the conference reception, moving around the room, he found himself in a large group of officers, in which one could find people of almost all of these countries. Sipping their cocktails, they all participated in a casual conversation, which was conducted in English.
And suddenly, the French admiral resentfully complained that while
Europeans learn many languages​​, Americans learn only English, and defiantly asked:
- Why do we have all these conferences to speak English and not in French?
American admiral reacted instantly:
- Perhaps because the British, Canadians, Australians and Americans have taken care of that you do not have to speak German.

And you could hear a pin flies ...

And this story is very well combined with the previous one.
Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman at the age of 93, arrived in Paris by plane.
Going through passport control, he hesitated for a long time looking in his travel bag passport. French customs, not hiding sarcasm, asked him:
- Monsieur, you have already been in France?
Mr. Whiting replied that yes, he had been in France.
- Then you should be aware that the passport must be prepared in advance.
American said in response:
- Last time I was here, I did not have to show a passport.
- But this is impossible. Americans always have to show a passport when they arrive in France.
Elderly American looked at the Frenchman, and then calmly explained:
- When in 1944 I arrived at Omaha Beach (site of the Norman coast
France, one of the main areas of the landing of Allied troops (Note. Trans.) Per day <> to participate in the liberation of your country, I could not find a single Frenchmen to show a passport.

And you could hear a pin flies. by (Jack Vettriano Paintings for sale).

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