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Three-dimensional painting

Have mentioned before marriage exhibition degrees draw lines in the left Zhang 20x24 " canvas only , due Well package table draw , so near the degree of family survive the price asked fitted sheet , generally Yaodi pick -what Ye shall outline to be able to offer both , but about the price of Department Erbai tail ~ Sanbai few around .
Before playing in the past asked the new generation , drying canvas three months time to time, so hurry Department in early October when the foot with her ​​husband , Prince degree Wenqu ground , between Union Square shop Prince of Department isolation both commercial and residential buildings , in fact, are a few easy to earn , but the drainage time to open shop a few strange, Department Monday to Saturday only 4 to 6 points, to go on a few pair of people such as tight, so I have to put on Dixia drainage to come out and walk left both finished , see another pair of people ask oil paintings for sale , to know that help people table between painting Ye have asked several boxes left both price than I had asked both expensive and a little, but the Department , if Biqu surface painting, and so on Wuxi months to have finished two weeks on fixed up , Link lot faster , because I have to October sun may actually catch Well cut me to the wedding .
I left to the Air Drainage in both three-dimensional painting to hang on the wall , so special , not seen to come forward , left the price asked , if I have to add $ 888 coupon sheets have ( automatic upgrade into a 30 "oil painting ) , if there is no coupon, Price to $ 1,200 , I will recite to the left while, because if not then drawn left Zhang coupon, I had to recite the whole no painting, because then emits Li Well , but if the contempt dimensional painting, particularly because GOD , so it will hang out and walk , but left to serve the Air master Zhang Xiang , Zhang Xiang drainage will feel heavy layered sun by subsection would Haodi GOD GOD , so I have to go home and then pick on the first phase .

After 12 months I have to go back again to the sun , and finally they are all picked back Pulled Zhang Xiang , Zhang relative because I have a special significance. In early January had something to carry , are playing up to two days before the notice drainage , since the surface layer of glass , so carry the day before to notify drainage , the drainage way to install blocks painted on glass , Jan. 5 with her ​​husband Ye went out the other end whole Prince degree carry , point to go on , even if drainage to drain left alone, Zhongwei glazing , because GOD drainage to a shop for only 4 ~ 6pm, so I have proposed to install a few resistant , I can wait canal, next week, if not then I had no time to carry Li , but certainly no drainage in words might serve me today and told me Monday Li luo , all child drainage to a few are actually Zhongyou seven people, so call me next week INCREDIBLE .

In fact, the overall satisfaction of all good drainage , the drain line left me alone to go twice to draw out according to the degree buckle INCREDIBLE left Shaoshao points.

Wedding day a friend saw paintings are like special. Special know the price even more than a thousand words Wuxi arrived . [(big grin)]

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Because the surface layer of a block of glass , so come out and walk shade do no real clear.

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