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The new slippers fitflop

Before bought several pairs of hawa and Brazil's slippers

A pair of broken

(type of sandals... it took me 800 yuan)

A pair of wear to wear.. Slippers are worn!!!!!

(this pair while the basement is the basic of ~ but because of the pattern - so also cost me 800 yuan)

A pair of thick bottom ~ often put my instep chafing the herringbone

(thick bottom more expensive - $1080)

Afterwards just know originally slippers actually hurt the feet

Former high after high shoes or slippers (wedge shoes are included) ~ in fact is the most hurt!!!!!

It is easy to cause severe sprain and fractures

Slippers - foot to withstand 1.5 times their weight

If it is a cheap fitflops uk sale, that is may not be able to!!!!!


Although early ~ feel very stick foot wear

But because there is no air cushion ~ so wear in the end ~ actually, burden pressure also can become big foot

Yesterday to go to Beijing station see fitflop temporary ark on the fourth floor

I will try

Was hoping to get gems model

But it is skinny... Not for me!!!!!

Then buy the Electra sequins (there are five colours -Fitflop Rokkit Sandals black. Gold. Silver. Silver grey. Coffee)

Miss pick me the silvery white ~ because that color of skin look more white (this is true!!!!!)


Due to the sequins is made of suede

So basically will soft ~ more and more through the pine

Also can't go to play water!!

But it was action toning shoes

Suit me very well

Because I often wear slippers

If good ~

I want to buy a frame of the pretty good also

It also has a snake... But so expensive!!!!!

More out of a pair of completely posted explosion and crystal ~ but your company!! Ha, ha

Actually, the racquet to sell

And very cheap fold (about RMB 700-1000) ~ but makes me scared!!

(after all wear on the foot ~ or buy real ~ more secured!!)

And Beijing station now set points to 100 yuan 1 * 2 = 2

Set up to RMB 35 ~ 60 can fold (like this)

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