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Closing painting works - Orchid


Painting Lesson Ending - creative freedom. Composition layout should be complete and detailed description of the performance atmosphere. Teachers have prepared many landscape shots let us choose, but I wanted to come back in Lanyu end maybe I can put a scene Lanyu draw down, at least this is the view of their participation, drawing up more with feeling, then put photos passed the teacher confirmed that composition of the picture is complete, the result of the teacher's praise, Oh ~.


Orchid - red head tribal sea. This is the most beautiful place in our tribe Fabian Perez paintings, the weather is good you can see the four moon. Serbs still made it in our ears, I always wondered how in the end 4 to the moon, is not drunk it!> <Oh ~


That night I only see two moons, sky circle that good good good light, soft moonlight Let your heart are drunk. Orchid Island is the most beautiful place in my heart because it is very simple beauty.


Canoe followed by a discussion with the teacher's part of the original landscape have made ​​little difference, because the rest seems to be unfinished, so with the first ship of the totem as the standard, replicated to other boats to go, still retains the traditional colors red and white hull, finished Orchid features should still have it! ^ ^


One semester, she felt a little progress, perhaps too careful use of color, but at least the teacher said shades are a good grasp a little more time, it will increasingly put ... so do not worry, I also do not worry it! Because I just enjoy the atmosphere of painting is not to be famous ah! ha ha ha ................

Fabian Perez Anna at the Bar Painting


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