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Shallow said footwear series of how to choose high heels

1) buy and read more

You should avoid buying high heels, but at first glance you see the high heels should be very careful and picky. Usually better for you than walk around the store to see what are the styles. Spring and autumn of each year there are some new styles. Then you can be of the same money to buy the best style.

You can also consider to be purchased by mail order or online, but it is best to avoid mail order or online order, unless you are quite sure of the exact size for the size of the foot. If you are unsure, you'd better wear than their maximum size of half the number of shoes. Remember: Do not buy even a little of shoes and a little tight shoes to wear shoes, then go to retire. If you know the correct size, you can avoid the payment of additional freight and long waits.

Note that even if the high-heeled shoes and boots of the same size may there are some slight differences, depending on the length and width of shoe styles and manufacturers.

2) try

Inappropriate high heels will soon lead to inflammation of the blisters and big toes, a hard cocoon and corns. These foot problems may bring you a lot of pain and even you have to give up wearing high heels.

Therefore, you should take preventive measures before these problems.

Over the years, many women have dressed than his feet heels mainly based on such an understanding wrong to say: look more sexy little feet. It is good to say, but this is based on very small feet saying. This can be traced back to ancient folk tales: A beautiful young women should have 4-5 inches (10-12cm) the length of Lianzu (lotus feet), but now the smallest female feet 9 inches (22cm size ), full four inches longer than the so-called little feet.

In fact, half of the number and a number (1/4 inch difference) looks almost no difference for high heels, a number of differences to do with the naked eye can not see out. Especially for the higher 5, 6 or 7 inches high-heeled, long points of the shoes can make you go better in high heels.

Wear high heels, the same, the longer the size, you should feel more comfortable.

All shoes should be slightly larger than the foot a little freshman (at least 1/8 inches: 0.3cm) Jimmy Choo Bridal Shoes, see ruler how long. You should never buy a pair of wearing tight shoes, even if it is a little tight, because it will injuring your feet and cause unnecessary pain and problems,

Such as foot inflammation and foot deformation. Some people may have heard the leather will stretch, "saying, or forget about it. And so when you put a pair of tight shoes distraction, you have after suffered a whole lot of foot disease and pain.

The other hand, too much or too loose shoes can lead to ankle fatigue, but it does not look right about. Imagine the case of the little girl wearing mom ** shoes. Moreover, it will also like to wear slippers on the feet additional negative effects (see below).

You should buy in the evening and after a few minutes walking shoes. At this time the foot has fully expanded and is close to the maximum size (another foot more plane or place in the higher elevations).

If you are shopping in a hospitality shoe store, you'd better try and own foot size the nearest three sizes shoes. (For example: If you normally wear a 7 shoes, you should try on the 6th, 7,7 half shoes), wear the smallest number of shoes should feel tight, and the the shoes wear maximum number should feel quite loose.

At this time, the number of shoes is feeling the most appropriate, but shoes must be feet slightly little freshman. Otherwise ought to buy more than half of No. shoes. Remember that you can not buy even a little bit tight shoes to wear in the feet.

You should measure Measure both feet, right foot and left foot of a lot of people are not the same size. This is why you always see someone customized shoes.

If your feet different sizes, you may wear flat shoes right to die, but to wear high heels. You should buy two pairs of high-heeled shoes or boots. One pair of right foot wear suitable, while another pair of left foot wear suitable.

Doing is worth: sell more shoes than to find a the doctor cheaper, and do not have to Jimmy Choo Shoes endure a lot of pain. Repeat: tiny size difference between the high-heeled shoes is simply do not see. You can also remove the soles size flag or cover it with something else.

In addition, if the width of your feet is not a B (in number), you may not easy to find the right high-heeled shoes. Almost all high heels are B's, you had a small range within a pair of shoes. The best way is to a very large shoe store, where there is a variety of the width of the shoe for you to choose.

You can also try the mail-order or "wide" shoes purchased online. If you are A width (narrow), you can look for Hollywood frederisks shoes, some shoes labeled B is actually very close to A. If all approach will not work, as well as custom-made shoes manufacturers (although it is hard to find).

Also, thick insoles can also be used to fill the width.

Do not waste money on too loose or too tight shoes, even if you really like this style. You should go to the big shoe store, so you can find your favorite style, while the size is also suitable.

3) upper

You should be purchased in most cases made of leather or canvas uppers of the shoes and boots (leather, calfskin, sheepskin, snakeskin and suede), leather and cloth can stretch and absorb sweat, the moisture to evaporate, imitation leather (including The majority of patent leather, PU, ​​PVC) can not let moisture revealing fast enough, leading to sweaty feet and rash.

Imitation leather is suitable only for sandals and open-toed shoes. You should control their own daily wear artificial leather shoes will not take more than 3-4 hours.

4) soles

Leather soles than imitation leather soles expensive, but it does not like, even if the processing is rough. Artificial light skin and most non-corrugated sole waxing, shiny or wet floors are very slippery.

So, all smooth and high-heeled shoes and boots, especially with very thin high heels, are required in the rear of the soles with non-slip pad.

These pads help you avoid slipping injuries. If you remember how painful fall to the ground when the child, then we should pay attention to wearing high heels fall than it hurts a lot of times. If, unfortunately, fall head against a hard thing, it is possible coma. Some heels in the lower sole is a sheet metal (or metal), the metal sheet can be avoided soles bent wear. However, this will lead to the shoes the whole very hard, not flexible, like most platform shoes.

Hard shoes have advantages and disadvantages. Foot muscles and foot bones, the shoes can not be bent can guarantee the foot will not be too tired and prevent foot injuries, walking because the foot can not bend naturally, thereby increasing the work of the ankles and knees. This will lead to the wear and tear of the ankle and knee. Also, when you go in the outdoor long time, at the foot of the sheet metal is heated and burns to the soles of the feet. Therefore, in the outdoor walking, the insole is usually needed.

When you walk in a rough surface, up to 1 inch platform shoes soles can help cushion the foot, but more than 1 inches of the bottom platform shoes look ridiculous, and cause others noticed how short. For career women and older women also looked quite right and high platform shoes look like stilts, clumsy rather than sexy.

5) shoelaces

Typically, the shoelace is good. It can ensure the safety of the foot within the shoe. Prevent falls and possible injuries. If the shoe is a bit wide, laces help you.

The ankle strap is the best friend of the girls wear high heels. Ankle strap well help you to maintain a balance and even better when wearing high heels, especially long-distance walking. The shoelaces can prevent you suddenly sprained ankle.

However, you need to pay attention to the ankle strap not be tied too tight, because it will hinder foot tendon stretch also impede foot blood circulation. In addition, the day, you must release the ankle strap several times so the the foot tendon can stretch the foot back to normal position.

Note the The stretch foot tendon can help avoid foot tendon shortening problem.

Ankle strap usually have various widths: 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch. Fine some ankle strap with spindly legs look better, while the ratio of a wide ankle strap some thicker legs. Frenulum can come off better, because according to the need to wear or solution down.

On the other hand, you should avoid wearing a partially covered toenails open-toed shoes standing when walking for a long time, this will hurt the toenails and cause of toe pain.

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