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Shoes love change "face" PIIPIINOO, Pipi Nuo high-top canvas shoes

Pipi Nuo company PIIPIINOO the creator of the world's first "shoe spectrum to change the face of supermarket", she designed and produced PIIPIINOO not an ordinary pair of shoes, but one can face changing with the changing elf, you go to the world on any local the tourism can the local PIIPIINOO shoes spectrum supermarket at any time to put on her uppers. . . It specializes in the manufacture happiness, change and fashion "shoes spectrum positions! Her the world's first "removable set of shoes (commonly known as the change of surface shoes) industry (first obtaining patents for inventions in tory burch outlet 2003, and enter the world of patent protection system), and consistent" to create, change, professional , passion "philosophy to her promotion to all over the world! Today, in the world around her face changing shoes following names: called Pipi Nuo in mainland China, in Taiwan called PIIPIINOO, in Australia called PIIPIINOO, called NELTEC ....... PIIPIINOO have been transported to all over the world happy and change in Spain, off free, changeable wave of change face of fashion ... in mainland China, the younger you can purchase in Amoy shoes network, Jingdong Mall, Amazon, Taobao and other large sites to our fashion Pipi Nuo can also be purchased in various the terminal PIIPIINOO shoes spectral store. PIIPIINOO corporate mission: professional responsibility, create, change shoes spectral the surface exchange supermarkets really become convenient for people to travel and health positions, allow people to swap out the amazing life charisma!

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